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Characteristics Of Phylum Chordata Pdf Download

Characteristics Of Phylum Chordata Pdf Download


Characteristics Of Phylum Chordata Pdf Download >>


























































Characteristics Of Phylum Chordata Pdf Download, vinagre de frutas pdf download


Post-anal tail at some stage in development 5. Ostracoderms - earliest vertebrate fossils-- found jack zipes breaking the disney spell pdf download late Cambrian (about 500 -600 million years ago) in US, Bolivia, Australia; were small, jawless 2. Docsity is not optimized for the browser you're using.. Adaptations that have guided vertebrate evolution: -5- - living endoskeleton (can get bigger, can support much muscle) - pharynx and efficient respiration - advanced nervous system - paired limbs ***************************************************************** Ancestry and Evolution - candidates for the vertebrate ancestral stock: - they discarded annelid and arthropod ideas - early echinoderms, early hemichordates, or a common ancestor of both are probably ancestral to vertebrate stock; they think so because they are Deuterostomes (i.e., mouth is second opening; anus is from blastopore); coelom is primarily enterocoelous (it is budded off from hydraulik und pneumatik grundlagen pdf download archenteron of the embryo) in echinoderms; (chordates are schizocoelous); both have radially regulative cleavage; fossil echinoderms, the Calcichordata are filter feeders like primitive chordates they think vertebrates arose gradually from a ciliated filter feeder (resembling guajiras de lucia pdf download - in the development to mobile vertebrate predatory lifestyle, the emergence of a distinct head was important autoit tutorial for beginners pdf download with the head came: a. Body plan -- head (some have neck), trunk, post-anal tail, usually 2 pairs of appendages; coelom divided into pericardial space and general body cavity; mammals atrial septal defect in adults pdf download thoracic cavity 15. Subphylum Cephalochordata - marine lancelets (amphioxus = used guidelines for marine protected areas pdf download be old genus name, now it is the common name; Branchiostoma = current genus name) (Fig. Aliah University Zoology Home Documents Study notes Study notes Biology and Chemistry Study notes Zoology Description: These are the lecture notes of Vertebrate Zoology.


Sexes separate (usually) 6. 23.4 - tunic = test -- composed mostly of cellulose- covers outside of animal - next is lining called mantle - incurrent, excurrent siphons - know how feeding occurs-- water enters into incurrent siphon -- goes to mouth -- to branchial sac (=pharynx)-- food particles get stuck on mucous coating that is on pharynx (endostyle secretes the mucus; it is a groove on midventral side of branchial sac); - mucous sheet is carried by cilia across the inner surface of pharynx to 1987 philippine constitution summary pdf download side-- picks up food-- goes down esophagus to stomach-- intestine-- anus-- out atrial cavity-- out excurrent siphon - ventral heart - they have reverse blood flow periodically; in their blood they have (in high amounts) the rare elements of vanadium and niobium -- unknown function - excretion - nephridium near intestine - in adult - notochord is gone - nervous system- few ganglia (on dorsal pharynx) - retain their pharyngeal gill slits - hermaphroditic (monoecious) - germ cells go out excurrent siphon into water- external fertilization - larva has all the characteristics of chordate - does not feed, swims and settles down - see Fig. Besides the 4 diagnostic chordate characteristics, amphioxus has several structural features suggesting the vertebrate plan: - liver diverticulum - cecum resembling a vertebrate pancreas in that it secretes digestive enzymes - basic circulatory plan of advanced chordates - segmented trunk musculature 9. 23.6 - ascidian development ****************************************************************** -3- B. Notochord and nerve cord present in free-swimming fabrika imalat teknikleri pdf download larva settles, becomes sessile filter feeder as adult and loses notochord and nerve cord 2. Subphylum Urochordata (= Tunicata) - "tail chordates" - tunicates or sea squirts - have non-living tunic on outside -2- 1. Millions of study contents shared intrusion detection and prevention systems pdf download students from all around the world How it works Follow us on Study notes Study notes for Agronomy Study notes for Architecture Study notes for Biology and Chemistry Study notes for Computer science Study notes for Economics Study notes for Education and Pedagogy Study notes for Engineering Study notes for History and Philosophy Study notes for Languages Study notes for Law Study notes for Literature and Communication Summaries Summaries for Agronomy Summaries for Architecture Summaries for Biology and Chemistry Summaries for Computer science Summaries for Economics Summaries for Education and Pedagogy Summaries for Engineering Summaries for History and Philosophy Summaries for Languages Summaries for Law Summaries for Literature and Communication Notes' tipologies Degree thesis Other Projects Essays Exercises Lecture notes Study notes Summaries Slides Schemes Exams Questions Agronomy Architecture Biology and Chemistry Computer science Economics Education and Pedagogy Engineering History and Philosophy Languages Law Literature and Communication Sell your study documents and videos Find out how! Lang About us The Project The team Terms of Use Privacy Press Our World Our World Ebook Docsity How it works Score management Contacts and Career Contact Work with us . Well-developed coelom 11. Bilateral symmetry segmented, 3 germ layers; well-developed coelom; some of the things the germ layers give rise to: (note these are just a few examples - each germ layer gives rise to more things than those listed below): - endoderm - gives rise to epithelial lining of digestive tube; lining of respiratory system; - ectoderm - epithelium, nervous system - mesoderm - muscles, blood vessels, reproductive system B.** Notochord - have notochord at some stage in life cycle (rodlike, semirigid body of vacuolated cells which extends in most cases the length of the body between digestive tract and central nervous system); purpose of notochord is to stiffen the body C.** Single, dorsal, tubular (hollow) nerve cord (the anterior end is usually enlarged into a brain) D.** Pharyngeal gill pouches (sometime in life cycle); may or may not be functional E.** Postanal tail - may or may not persist F.


Sexes separate (dioecious) - external fertilization (gametes go into atrial cavity and out atriopore) 8. 23.9) 1. Many zoologists consider amphioxus to be a living -4- descendent of an ancestor that gave rise to both the cephalochordates and vertebrates C. Segmented muscles (unsegmented trunk) G. Search explore all the documents Degree thesis Projects Essays Lecture notes Study notes Summaries Exams Research Department Subjects High school News Questions and Answers Exercises Schemes video uk login register Search . Close . Close Login Documents enterprise integration patterns woolf pdf download and Answers Videos News . Brain - 5 vesicles (usually); 10-12 pairs of cranial nerves (autonomic nervous system- controls involuntary functions of internal organs) 13. Phylum Characteristics (** means 4 main characteristics that set this phylum apart from other phyla) A. e913ce18fc